Street Carts brings authentic Asian street food from street to table. Bold ingredients, aromatic spices and unique combinations are freshly prepared and presented in a modern atmosphere filled with Asian artwork and handcarved woodwork.


Flavorful rice and noodle bowls, entrees, starters and sushi rolls can be shared with friends and family or savored solo. Our delightfully delicious street food is infused with the style and energy of the street markets from which it came.


During his decades of travel for his seafood business, our founder Steve Phillips developed a passion for the local cuisine prepared by the street cart vendors in towns and cities across Southeast Asia. Working with local chefs, he tried his hand at creating the dishes he craved and uncovering the harmonious blend of flavors that’s key to authentic Asian cuisine. He learned how to achieve that critical balance of salty, sweet, bitter, sour and spicy (the five Asian flavor notes) and capture the lively aromas and tastes he had grown to love during his travels.

Steve’s vision for Street Carts is to recreate, here in America, the unique flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine in a comfortable, casual setting, served fast to take away or stay and enjoy. Our culinary team has taken Steve’s vision and developed a fantastic array of fragrant and colorful dishes, perfect for neighbors to share plates and stories around the table while exploring new flavors together.

1454 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20005